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Archbishop of Canterbury: Called to be workers for peace in Europe

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby in Novi Sad. Photo Mladen Trkulja CECSome might find it ironical that one of the speakers on the question of the future of Europe at the Conference of European Churches (CEC) General Assembly, convening in Novi Sad, Serbia, should be a representative of the Church of England, a bit over

two years after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.

Speaking to the 450 participants on the future of Europe, Justin Welby, archbishop of Canterbury, dared to say that “Europe is not in danger. And there is no reason why I would suggest that Brexit or any other current crisis would derail the European Union or bring about the fall of Europe.”

Responding to a question from a journalist at the subsequent press conference, who asked him to explain a bit more—particularly regarding the young people who represent this future—Welby used a football metaphor, just before the World Cup kicks off: “If you want to get the ball, you have to be on the ground! I think that we first have to talk about these things with young people.”

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