Cardinal Zuppi heads to Ukraine, tasked by Pope Francis with “listening in depth to the Ukrainian authorities about possible ways to achieve a just peace.”
The World Meeting on Human Fraternity, to be held in St Peter’s Square on the 10th June, will bring together artists, young people, charity workers, and Nobel peace prize winners from across the world.
Pope Francis launches an appeal to authorities to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to peoples struck by a powerful cyclone in the Bay of Bengal that has wreaked death and destruction in areas between Myanmar and Bangladesh.
As Pope Francis releases his message for the 2023 World Day for a Care of Creation, Tomas Insua, Executive Director of the Laudato Si' Movement stresses the importance of these two days being used to fight the injustices and lack of peace our people and planet face.
May 27 (Reuters) - Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church, on Saturday dismissed his expert on art and restoration for obstructing the transfer of a historic 15th-century Trinity icon to the Church from a Moscow museum.
Tawadros II is the Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt. It is one of the oldest Christian communities and also one of the closest to the Catholic Church among the entire Orthodox world.
This new law is the result of an agreement signed between Kazakhstan and the Vatican in 2022 during the visit of Pope Francis to the country.
(Jason Horowitz, The New York Times) Zelensky Meets Pope and Meloni in Italy to Bolster Ukraine’s Support -- The Ukrainian president’s talks with the pope and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni came at a potentially pivotal moment in the war with Russia, as Kyiv’s forces make advances near the key city of Bakhmut.
Archbishop Isao Kikuchi, the newly-elected President of Caritas Internationalis, grants his first post-election interview to Vatican Media, and describes the work of countless local Caritas volunteers and staff to offer both humanitarian assistance and the Catholic Church’s closeness to people who have been forgotten.
Pope Francis makes an appeal for peace in the Holy Land, praying that a recent ceasefire between Israel and militants in the Gaza Strip might hold.

Pope Francis: ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’

As many countries celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, Pope Francis entrusts all mothers to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Britain’s new monarch King Charles III and his wife Queen Camilla are crowned on Saturday at Westminster Abbey in a religious ceremony rich with ancient traditions and pageantry. Aged 74, Charles is the oldest British monarch ever to be crowned having ascended to the throne upon the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II in September last year.
Representatives from Sudan's warring armies have are in Saudi Arabia for their first face-to-face talks.
Pope Francis holds a “cordial” meeting at the Apostolic Nunciature with the Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Archbishop of Budapest and Hungary, who previously served as the head of the Department of External Relations of the Patriarchate of Moscow.
BUDAPEST, April 29 (Reuters) - Pope Francis met Ukrainian refugees on the second day of his visit to Hungary on Saturday, telling them a different future was possible as they described the hardships they have faced since the war began.
BUDAPEST – When Pope Francis met with Hungarian Greek Catholics Saturday, members of an eastern church in communion with Rome, the community’s leading prelate said its members have shed their blood for the faith and want to be a bridge between eastern and western Catholicism.
In an interview with Vatican News, Inotay György, organizing Pope Francis’ visit to the disabled and blind children of the Blessed László Batthyány-Strattmann Institute, says 'the children are waiting for someone they already know,' and that faith is key to the institute's life and activities. Mr. György had run the Church-run Institute, until being named the Director of the Koszisz organization which sustains it and a network of similar charitable entities.
BUDAPEST – When Pope Francis met with Hungarian Greek Catholics Saturday, members of an eastern church in communion with Rome, the community’s leading prelate said its members have shed their blood for the faith and want to be a bridge between eastern and western Catholicism.
Another Christian confession that is not in communion with the Pope will also use the Cathedral of Saint John Lateran next May when the Coptic Patriarch Tawadros II celebrates his “mass” there.
The President of the Earth Day Network speaks of the importance of the Day, for all members of society, and about how a true education on the matter could help to bring people out of poverty and into a green economy.
The head of the Coptic Church is scheduled to offer the Orthodox Divine Liturgy in the Catholic Archbasilica of St. John Lateran in Rome on May 14.
The third day of the Conference on Catholic Churches in the Middle East, held in Nicosia, under the slogan: "Deep-rooted in Grace” marking the 10th anniversary of the launching of the Apostolic Exhortation: “The Church in the Middle East" started on Saturday, April 22 with a celebration of Holy Mass according to the Latin rite.
In an interview with Vatican News, Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, the leader of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, says this Easter, Christ gives them hope and certainty of a better future ahead, and expresses gratitude to Pope Francis for being a singular voice in working toward peace.
Receiving a pilgrimage from the diocese of Crema, from where the missionary killed by the Burmese army 70 years ago departed, Francis invites people to pray for this "tormented land that I carry in my heart." Seminarians from the diocese of Taungngu who are studying in Italy at the PIME seminary because of the war were also present. The death toll from the air force bombing of Pa Zi Gyi village in Sagaing has risen to 165.
Kyiv says Russia has shelled a block of flats in the eastern Ukrainian city of Sloviansk, killing nine people, including a two-year-old boy. Russia responded by claiming that Ukrainian forces also attacked a town in Russian-controlled Donetsk, killing at least four and injuring 10 people. The clashes have overshadowed Julian-calendar Easter, which many in Ukraine and Russia are celebrating this weekend.
At the Vigil Mass in the Holy Night of Easter in St. Peter's Basilica, Pope Francis says Christ's resurrection invites us to experience the immense surprise and joy of the women who witnessed the empty tomb, adding that we are called to relive the grace of our first encounter with the Lord to grow in faith and hope.
Stunning floral decorations donated by Dutch floriculturists formed the backdrop for Pope Francis’ Mass in St. Peter's Square on Easter Sunday, continuing a tradition which began in 1985 with the beatification of the Dutch Carmelite Saint Titus Brandsma.

The power of prayer

Our Editorial Director reflects on the Pope Francis' continuous requests for others to pray for him, especially in light of his recent hospitalization for bronchitis.
Pope Francis meets with Borjana Krišto, Chair of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and discusses a number of topics, including EU enlargement.
New research shows that many Jews received help during the Holocaust from about 100 Catholic religious orders in more than 500 facilities and from over 700 diocesan priests in 600 localities in occupied Poland, according to a new book entitled "Wartime Rescue of Jews by the Polish Catholic Clergy" presented at the Catholic University of Lublin.