The joint statement released by US and Russia at the APEC summit in Vietnam, calling for a negotiated, non-military solution to the armed conflict, the defeat of the Islamic State, is meant to ensure Syria’s emergence from the seven-year long war. For Father Bahjat Elia Karakach, parish priest in Damascus
Beirut (Agenzia Fides) - While the entire Lebanese institutional system is shaken by the resignation of Sunni Prime Minister Saad Hariri, Lebanese President Michel Aoun receives today Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Rai at the
To create spaces for dialogue, open to all, to share ideas and concrete proposals aimed at restarting Europe. The experience at the Vatican, “(Re) thinking Europe”, must continue. Interview with Cardinal Reinhard Marx, President of COMECE. "In this dialogue - he said - the Church must be an instrument of unity. We are not owners of everything. We are not owners of the truth.
Telkaif (Agenzia Fides) - The Kurdish Peshmerga militia is preparing to withdraw from the areas of Nineveh Plain still under their control, according to an agreement that in the next few hours will see Iraqi troops in the same areas. The news, relaunched by various Iraqi and Kurdish political sources, seems
Washington (Agenzia Fides) - US Vice President Mike Pence will visit Israel and Egypt at the end of December, at the request of President Donald Trump, and his mission will also be aimed at strongly affirming that in the Middle East the time has
  Islamabad (Agenzia FIdes) - The legislative law which aims at regulating the institution of Christian marriage in Pakistan and making it officially recognized by the state, so that it can be registered civilly, is making progress. As Fides learns, the Ministry of Human Rights sent
(Vatican Radio) During the General Audience on 25th October, Pope Francis met with two doctors from the Syrian American Medical Society. The Pope told them that he loves Syria and prays for Syrian children every day.
Pope Francis shared a veritable agenda to enable a new start for Europe with participants in "Re-Thinking Europe. “Now is not the time, then, to dig trenches, but instead to work courageously to realize the founding fathers’ dream of a united and harmonious Europe, a community of peoples desirous of sharing a future of development and peace”.
Communiqué  -  Malta, 14–21 October 2017
In the name of the Triune God, and with the blessing and guidance of our Churches, the International Commission for Anglican–Orthodox Theological Dialogue met in Sliema, Republic of Malta from 14 to 21 October 2017.
Telkaif (Agenzia Fides) - In the late evening of Tuesday, 24 October, the Christians of Telkaif, an Iraqi town located in the Nineveh Plain, abandoned their homes and moved to Qosh and other neighboring villages. Peshmerga fighters from neighboring Kurdistan
The President of Bulgarian bishops considers EU adhesion an important step towards democracy and economic development. However, problems linger on, and today, he said, we are witnessing widespread “apathy” and distance from the community dream.
In this country, it is women – not religious dignitaries – who decide on whether to have children.  This is according to the chair of the Serbian National Assembly Committee on Human and Minority Rights, Meho Omerovic, who reacted on Wednesday.
'The reinstitution of the female diaconate does not constitute an innovation..but the revitalisation of a once functional ministry.
The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa is to reinstitute the ancient order of women deacons, in order to better serve the pastoral needs of the Patriarchate, which serves the entire continent of Africa.
Beirut (Agenzia Fides) - Some dozen Iraqi Christian refugees organized a demonstration in Beirut on Wednesday, 11 October in front of the offices of the High Commissioner for Refugees to ask the competent authorities to remove the

IRAQ - New war winds on the Nineveh Plain

Telkaif (Agenzia Fides) - The "Babylonian Brigades", formation of popular protection militias who also count Christian militias in their ranks, have told the Kurdish militia Peshmerga to abandon all areas of the Nineveh Plain under their control, receiving the rejection of
WASHINGTON—The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Office of Migration and Refugee Services (USCCB/MRS), released its report today, entitled Temporary Protected Status: A Vital Piece of the Central American Protection and Prosperity Puzzle recommending the U.S. government
'It's also in our common interest to protect the borders of a humane society' A Hungarian bishop has organised a petition demanding
In a keynote speech during the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavík, Iceland, Ecumenical Patriarch His All-Holiness Bartholomew I termed their purpose “a fresh deliberation on the fate of the earth.”
“Reducing the sense of isolation of the Christian Palestinian community; encouraging charity towards parish communities to reduce extreme poverty; contributing to economic development through small development projects.” These are the three goals of the
“Dialogue is not relativism. Relativism has no inner strength and stands, its powerless hands down, before any historical event. The walk of dialogue instead enables people to look joyfully at other people, to overcome an atmosphere of
An encouragement to support local ecclesial communities and gratefulness for the work of contemplation, research and study of archaeological evidence and for accompanying pilgrims: this is the content of the letter that Pope Francis has sent to the Custos of

Three primates to Bucharest and more news

(Peter Anderson) Yesterday (Wednesday), the Press Office of the Romanian Patriarchate issued the official program for the Pilgrimage to the Feast of the Holy Martyr Dimitrie the New, Protector of Bucharest, which will take place from 24 to 29 October 2017. As I previously reported, this
BERLIN- 18 October 2017: Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria and Patriarch of Saint Marks Diocese slammed Wednesday all kinds of terrorism, saying that the terrorist attacks, which hit Egypt, did not and would not achieve their goals.
People displaced by fighting eat lunch inside a heated tent at a train station during evacuations in 2015 in the Ukrainian city of Slaviansk. The Catholic bishop responsible for eastern Ukraine has backed calls for the deployment of international peacekeepers and praised
The Saint Irenaeus Joint Orthodox-Catholic Working Group gathered for its fourteenth annual meeting from 4 to 8 October 2017 at Caraiman Monastery (Romania), at the invitation of the Romanian Orthodox Church. The 2017 meeting was chaired by the Catholic Co-president of the Working Group,
Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch of the Church of Constantinople Bartholomew visited the Russian embassy in Ankara, where
The march by Israeli and Palestinian women, demanding that both peoples’ leaders do more for peace, was set to culminate with a protest outside Netanyahu’s residence.
“All of us, shepherds of the Eastern Catholic Churches of Europe, are comforted by the love of the Lord in our ecclesial service, by the Divine Grace that heals our weaknesses, and by the Lord’s love for his Church that drives us to proclaim his Gospel”.
From 2009 to July 2017, over 50 Christian and Muslim sites were vandalized in Israel and in the West Bank, only nine indictments were filed and only 7 people convicted. The figures released by Israel’s Public Security Minister were published by Saint James’ Vicariate for Hebrew-speaking Catholics of the Salesian monastery of Beit Jamal, west of
“Although it is a somewhat weary and disappointed, Europe must not give up.” “The dream of this union as a ‘family of peoples’ and ‘home of the nations’ is always topical.” This was the opening message of the CCEE Plenary Assembly (ongoing until October 1st) attended by 29 Presidents of