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SYRIA Saving the children of Aleppo, at risk of becoming a ‘lost’ generation

aleppo schoolMore than 150 young people, aged 6 to 13, are taking after-school courses organised by the city’s Latin parish. For Fr Ibrahim, they are "the most fragile and need all kind of help”. Many of them are “difficult” cases. The programme includes

mathematics and languages but also time to play, listen to music, and do sport. Milad tells his story and the nightmare of rockets.

 Aleppo (AsiaNews) – This school year (2017-2018), the Latin Parish of Aleppo is helping more than 150 children, aged 6 to 13, to “recover psychologically, educationally, and spiritually" through after school activities. The goal is to "rebuild bonds and heal deep wounds" caused by years of brutal war, said Fr Ibrahim Alsabagh OFM, 44, who spoke to AsiaNews.

Young people in Aleppo, once Syria’s economic and commercial capital, show signs of mental troubles, learning disabilities, and trauma-related problems. But "This is one of the best projects in the fields of education and assistance to the young victims of the conflict,” said the Franciscan clergyman, who is also the local parish priest.

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